Oh Canada!

We were moving to Canada. So Michael and I were caravaning to Canada with at least some of the kids. The only one I know for sure was there was Alex but there were at least 3 cars total. We drove and drove, and we got to Denver where we stopped at the house Alex and Austin are renting. Weirdly enough, I never took a tour of the house. I saw a few rooms but that was it.

We were worried about having all of the proper documentation for customers. There was a girl there and she had a shoe box full of paperwork and was worried they would make her do a jor other than baker and she was saying “I’m a baker!” I was worried that I hadn’t put my paperwork in a shoebox and was worried about if I’d brought the right items to move with.

There were two dogs in this house and one got on my lap and was licking me and Buster came up and growled at him.

We werediscussing getting back on the road again, and Michael said we were only 25 minutes from Toronto.

I thought about calling my friend Vikram, but realized he is still in India and wouldn’t be in Toronto.

A Strange Birthday

I dreamed that it was my birthday. We were pulling into school in the morning at Madison Central High School. I asked them if there was someplace we could park overnight because it was my birthday. They pointed to the school parking lot and so I pulled into a very far back spot near some trees. I thought I could pretend that I was in the woods because of the trees.

Then fast forward to that night and it was a camper. Michael’s friend S. had bought drugs for us, and we were all taking the drugs. One of the police officers that we had asked about parking came with us and said he would protect us. He did, and I felt so safe. He took the drugs too but was protecting me. I can’t even describe the sense of safety. He was in his 20’s and blonde. That’s all I remember about him. I had to use the bathroom and I was supposed to be saving it. I went twice though, and flushed one down this little portable toilet because I didn’t want people to know I’d gone twice.

Then we ran out of drugs and someone else brought more, and it was bad. Instead of feeling good and happy like S’s, these made us feel bad. The man was still there protecting me though.

At the end of the dream, someone else was leaving to go get more drugs and I didn’t understand why they weren’t letting me get them from S, where we knew they would be safe and good.

It’s Your Move


It’s been a very long time since I’ve blogged about a dream. But I had two super vivid dreams last night that I couldn’t let pass by.

The first one, I was in a very tall tower…extremely tall. I was a young person and it felt very Harry Potter-ish. I had several friends around. One was asleep – I’m not sure if he was under a spell or in a Coma. But people were worried about him waking up and then realizing that he was in a chess tournament. When I looked out the window of the tower I was in, I could see that indeed, there were giant chess pieces that were alive. The people on the ground looked tiny next to them. Imagine chess pieces the size of a skyscraper made of grass/bushes and tiny people all around the base. As I looked out the window, one chess piece moved and was saying “excuse me” so it didn’t step on the people. I’m not sure why the people didn’t want the boy to wake up and see this.

Then the adults asked if we wanted to go swimming and we said yes. We had to go down a very long ladder and it was very scary. Going back up there was an even smaller ladder that I was dreading. But we got to the bottom. The boys walked along this path to get to the water, and myself and another girl walked over rocks. We had to do it this way and I thought the rocks looked harder to navigate, but someone else asked why we got the easy path.

Then we got in the water and it was very light, bright blue. I didn’t know what to expect. We got in and I was completely buoyant. I imagine this is what it’s like to float in the dead sea. Then someone said that women were able to see much more clearly in the water so I looked around and realized everything was brighter.

We were swimming and it was lovely but then we decided to try to save our friend who was sleeping/sick/under a spell. We had to be sneaky about it because the adults didn’t want us to do that. So we told them we were going back up to the room. Instead of taking the ladder though, we took elevators (way better.) We got upstairs and were changing clothes. This wasn’t the place where we lived, so I was worried about not having the right clothes. Alex was there, and he couldn’t find a shirt that was long enough. I looked, and I had one of his shirts in my hands so gave it to him – it was a long sleeved polo shirt. (He never wears those.) Then we ran to the elevators to try to get to our friend, but people saw us and started chasing us. We went around a corner and got in a different elevator, so we got away from those people. But then there were groups of children in costumes chasing us. Their job was to find people who weren’t a part of whatever group this was and capture them. They kept singling us out even though we tried to blend in. Eventually we got away. We went into a room with a woman, and started breathing in. A black smoke came out of her mouth and went into us. She was excited because this was a bad thing that was leaving her, but we knew we had to inhale it in order to save our friend. Then I woke up.

The Game of Life

I was at work and was chosen as one of seven people for a new team. It hadn’t officially started yet and they were trying to get access so we could do both programs but that wasn’t working. I went into the room (it was set up in a conference room with two rows of seats on each side of the table.) I put my stack of things in the best chair right in front of the door. I left and when I came back in someone else had also put their stuff there. I went to move it and spilled m&m’s. I told her I might have some more and then I grabbed two packs out of her purse without realizing it. Once I realized I told her I would bring her some from home. Then I moved my things to sit by Brent at the end of the table. Other than us, everyone else was really young. I realized that I had to use Tik Tok to provide support and that was the platform we were supporting. They said the developers were providing support themselves and they were too brilliant and should be developing new software. Some of the others already had books (this had turned into a class) but I didn’t know where to get the books. I realized there were some handouts I hadn’t read and I realized I had to really up my game to keep up since this stuff was coming naturally to others but not to me. At the end of class, I asked the teacher where the bookstore was. She said she would take me. She apologized for assuming we knew the basics. As we walked through the school it was amazing. It was huge and had so many neat shops along the way. It was like walking through a mall with neat novelty stores, not a school. We finally got to the “store” and she said there were six books that would total about $300. She started pulling them out but they all looked like games. Then her son came up. He had a really frizzy afro and looked to be about 8. He sat down and we started playing. It was a role playing game, and I was still trying to understand the instructions but they were very helpful. Each card had explicit instructions but mine also had a scrambled sentence too. It was something about going to the inn. The son told me a story about playing this game with Isabel and asked me if I knew her. I said yes, and that made him happy.

Up on the Rooftop

In this dream, I was living in a dorm or shared apartment of some sort with other girls. I had gone to the roof which was a forbidden area and I saw eggs all over the roof. Then we were in an elevator. There were several of us and I was falling asleep.  The elevator broke and the numbers kept spinning and going very high. I called for help and they got us off, but then the guy realized we were in trouble.  Then I snuck back to the roof with two girlfriends. We saw eggs hatch and they were these small colorful little people – maybe about 6 inches tall. As soon as they hatched they could walk and talk. My friend who is a gymnist started to talk to one who said she could jump high. They both started flipping and jumping across the roof. Then we realized that each one of us had a doppleganger – a little person who shared our traits. About that time, we realized that someone had been notified we were on the roof so we were trying to escape. First, I remembered that there were stairs in the bathroom.  So I ran in but couldn’t find the door to the stairs. So we decided to take the elevator. We tried to cover the camera but I was worried we had not successfully done so. We made it back to our rooms and someone said something about “noticing” the poles in our rooms. We realized we were in a lot of danger, and that somehow they were cloning us or using our DNA to create these little creatures, but we didn’t know why.

Escape from the cruise

I dreamed I was being held captive on a cruise ship. I was in love with the captain but my mom had me locked up. Somehow I got her high so she was on the ground and grabbing at my legs but couldn’t grasp me and I escaped. The captain somehow turned into a male version of me and we jumped into the water. The ship started doing a search in the area but we escaped to another nearby country. We (having been the same person) had been studying the native language of the country for all our lives and we thought we were going to live happily ever after. Aww lived in a castle and things were going well. But somehow people found us and alerted the nation who we were. I was cornered by someone and rather than be turned in I jumped out the window. Just as I was about to land and die I woke up.

Office Suite Life

We had these new offices at work. They were very nice glass enclosed rooms and they had a bed in every office and maybe a private bathroom. Elizabeth has left us all a bunch of gifts- candy and toys. Mine includes a plastic charm bracelet that had a price tag of several hundred dollars. We were having a meeting and I was upset about a project and had a question but the team leader wouldn’t answer me. She kept saying “I’m not going to tell you which looks better.” I was so mad and threatened to go to her dad.

Escaping the Inevitable

I dreamed I was doing an escape room. There was a series of three different rooms, and I think I was with work colleagues. Each group was categorized based on their anticipated success, and I had been chosen for the “best” team that was going to go last. I was very proud. We were in a camp-like environment in some kind of a cabin. My old boss John was there (who I haven’t seen in years) and he came up and gave me a clue. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but I knew he was going to hand me some kind of a dice or cube with letters on it, and I would have to turn it sideways to use it. He also gave me a note, and the “e” was turned sideways. We were getting ready to begin, and I had to go to the restroom. I ran into the bathroom which was connected off of the back of the main room. I heard the timer start, and I was a little worried about missing the beginning, but I knew I could catch up. When I came back in, I went outside on the porch, and there was a rice krispy treat on the ground. I started eating it and then thought that I should have left it because maybe it was a clue.  As the dream continued, we were no longer in the camp cabin, but we were in a building that had many escape rooms in it. There was a problem – things in the escape room were not working properly. I don’t remember the details now. But I figured out what was causing the problem and we fixed it. When I woke up, it seemed that we had fixed the escape rooms and were going to win.

**Background** I did go to an escape room yesterday to plan a VIPKid meetup.

Murder She Dreamed

I dreamed that I was traveling and had come back to work. The office was set up kind of like the Opinion Center – in the mall and you walk in the front and into a long hall with doors along the right side. I was wearing a pantsuit and some black high-heeled sandals that made me look really thin. There was a woman visiting, and I went next door and told them she needed to buy yellow shoes and they should give her high heels. I said I wanted flats, so they gave me yellow striped socks. When the woman walked in, she wanted the striped socks too. We made plans to go to dinner, and she left to get her things. Then suddenly I heard blood curdling screams. I ran back into the office, and James (from the church) was there mopping the floors. I asked if the screams had come from in there, and he didn’t know. I was sure she was being murdered and I was afraid to go look. I woke up.

When I went back to sleep, I was in my childhood home in Halfway. I was asleep in my mom and dad’s bedroom, and Shirley’s dog was in the bed with me. She started barking like crazy and I looked out the window. There were headlights and cars overturned in the yard. I thought I was going to be shot. I called 911, and I realized I didn’t know their address anymore, but they knew where I was calling from. They said everything was safe now, and I looked and the dog had stopped barking, so I figured it must be. I wondered where Shirley was and if she was the one who had been murdered in my last dream.