Alpha, part 2


Ok, so the first post was something of an introduction.  But below is the REAL dream that started this whole journey.  If you haven’t read it (or heard it) please check out the back story  as well.

I awoke the morning of Easter Sunday, filled with joy and the feeling that I had received the greatest, most fulfilling gift of knowledge.  I was bursting with happiness.  At this point, I had not written down my dreams in at least a decade or two. (Does that make me old when I can start counting in decades?)  Despite having not documented my dreams for archaic amounts of time, I was SO moved by this dream that I grabbed my phone and typed the above notes into the memo.  Sketchy? Sure.  But here’s what I remember….

In my dream, I “woke up.”  I walked into our sunroom, and realized that I had only DREAMED I awoke, so I thought I would take advantage of still being asleep.  I thought to myself, “Self- maybe you can go flying!”  So I tried to fly, and it worked!  At first, I was just flying within the sunroom.  But then suddenly, I was outside, and flying in the yard.  Then – imagine the motion of a toilet bowl – I started flying in extremely fast, extremely large circles, quickly shortening in circumference as I neared the “bottom.”  I was flying so fast in circles, and then suddenly, I was in a tube flying face-first ahead.  (Superman, anyone?) I thought to myself that I should be afraid, but I was having too much fun to be afraid!  It was exhilarating, and amazing, and fast, and fun…. AWESOME!

At the end of the tunnel, I burst forth, and was in another universe. It was SO amazing – all around me, there were the most vivid stars.  They were mostly pink, with a few blues and purples mixed in.  It was truly breathtaking.  Everything was bigger, and brighter, and closer than it would have been in our own universe.  And the COLORS!  It was as though I had stepped from the black and white world of Kansas into the technicolor dream coat of Oz.

This is a wonderful print that I found following the dream.  This is called Raspberry Enchanted Forrest and can be purchased here from the Etsy shop CatsEyeStudio.  Photo included with permission.  Footnote: This image is as close as I can find to what I saw in this other universe.

There was a woman there with me – to the left.  I don’t remember seeing her, but I remember having a conversation with her.  Her name was Kaye?  Or perhaps her name started with the letter “K”… I’m not sure.  But I woke up remembering that letter/name.  The only reason I remember having the conversation with her was because she explained the universe to me.  She said this was the “Episcopal” universe, and that if I imagined the size of our known universe today, that this was 80% larger than our current universe.

Then, the next thing I remember, I was on a planet.  Earth? Maybe.  A planet in the other universe?  Maybe.  But I saw Ben (our priest at the Chapel of the Cross) and his son Henry.  Henry was playing in a mud puddle, and I needed to go get him a towel.  I walked up to a nearby house, and “Kaye” answered the door.  She gave me the towel, and said that there were two(?) meanings to everything.  She said that at that point, I could see both meanings, but that soon I would forget – even though they would still be there.  She said not to worry though, that she would be back in two weeks. I walked back and gave Henry the towel.  Then, suddenly, my dream re-wound.  I was approaching Ben and Henry again, went to the house again, and saw Kaye.  I recognized her, but as I saw her, I could feel all of the memories – all of the knowledge – slipping away.  In my mind, I gave her a knowing smile, as though I was saying, “See, I still remember you…” but I could feel it all slipping away.  By the time I gave Henry the towel, I was waking up and could sense the loss of the knowledge, though the joy was still there.

For the “Rest of the Story” please read A first look at synchronicity…  and I think you’ll see why this caught, and kept, my attention.

Dream 1: Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016

Flying, fast swirling long tube face first – very fun, driven by God.

Breaker out into huge universe

Episcopal Galaxy extends 80% more

A third???

Kaye?? Staying with me



More to everything than you think

Back in two weeks

Example with Ben and rubber boots and towel – two times but different perspectives.  Already starting to forget.



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