Backyard BBQ?

Monday, April 11, 2016

I dreamed that I was working while on vacation.  There was a deal from the SB team that if we were working on a project, then their other guy would take over our day to day work.  I was trying to get him to take over w/ HGS.  They said we could double book him, but then he actually peeled off 2 people and it became dangerous so he had to stop.

Michael was grilling out back and it started to rain so he covered the grill with a tent and moved the tent closer to another larger tent.  Everyone decided to go to Ross Kettleman’s bar afterward so I decided to take the next day off so I could go too.

Symbolism:  It’s ok to take time off work.  It’s healthy to be away.  Don’t always try to be double efficient.  Take time to rest

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