The Road, and That Which Blocks It

This is the first dream (of what will probably be many) in which I woke up in the middle of the night, scrawled a few notes, and then went back to sleep.  When I awoke to “review” my dream log, I had no recollection of some of the notes. The first thing I remember about this dream was flying in the airplane.  The sensation was similar to that of when I was flying on my own – very fast and very exciting.  It wasn’t quite as fun, but I had a great time and felt very safe with the pilot.  We stopped somewhere, and I was on an escalator.  There were three escalators side by side, and if you got on the wrong one – or touched the wrong rail, you would bypass the floor you wanted and go to the next one.  (Of course, I did, and I missed the floor that I was supposed to be on.)dreamstimefree_219632-2.jpg

After that (I think the escalators were in Chicago when we stopped for dinner.)  Afterward, the driver was no longer in the plane, but the same driver was driving us in a car.  He was  driving very fast, but there was another car driving even faster.  The  car swung into the road in front of us and tried to block the road, and this old hag made eye contact with me and glared.  It was really scary.

Tuesday 4/12/16

house sitting


dinner in Chicago

ride in super fast airplane – the airplane ride was fun. Former military pilot. Went underwater. Nice guy – very fast and fun.

escalators that pass each other: If you hold the rail at the wrong place, you end up down a floor too far

After dinner, pilot is driving on road. car was going 80 in a 30

Blocked road


there was an older lady in the front seat driving. She turned and looked at me – chilling. Eyes – woke up immediately with goosebumps.

He had slowed down and I remember thinking I was glad he was being safe.  The car in front was going even faster.  Then the car spun around and blocked the road.  If he hadn’t slowed down he would have hit the car.



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