Easter in July

Initially, I disregarded this dream as insignificant (which I have later learned is not possible… all dreams are significant.)  In hindsight, events have caused me to go back and re-analyze this in a different way.  But for now – my first description.

In this dream I was trying to get to the Chapel to do one of my favorite things – make palm crosses for Easter.  I was immediately blocked by a car in front of me.  They told me to go around (the driveway is split in two around an entrance sign.)  I did so, and when I tried to go around, I hit the entrance sign and got very annoyed that I’d damaged our Suburban.  Then, about that same time, there was another set of hands on the wheel, so I thought “Fine – I’ll let them drive!” but they didn’t steer and neither did I, so we almost hit the car that was blocking us until I started steering again.  The next thing I remember, I was in the chapel.  Our church is configured with normal pews up to the front, but then there is a section of sideways pews to the front left side.  I was sitting in the second one of those sideways pews (which is a little odd, because I don’t really like to sit there.)  We had a guest priest that was a woman.  I didn’t know her, and the sermon was “weird” in my words.  She made me move to the front row, and I was sitting with a little boy that I thought was a preacher’s son.  He was great – playful and fun, and I enjoyed sitting by him, even though I was annoyed that I had to move.  I noted that the service was strange, although I don’t recall all of the specifics.  There was recorded music (as opposed to our traditional organ music.  There was clapping, and there were American flags (or maybe just one.) Toward the end of the service, she made us get up and go through the old boxes that were in the chapel.  In the boxes, there were budgets, jewelry (in particular, a cross necklace), photographs, and stickers.

NOTE:  For a re-write/interpretation, please see Rewrite – Going to Meet Joy

Went to set up for Easter at the Chapel for altar guild.  I thought it was to make palm crosses, but it was too late.  Was pulling in the drive and someone was in front of me so they told me to cut through.  Hit the black sign in truck – very annoyed.  Then someone had hand on wheel so I stopped steering and they didn’t so I almost hit the car. Got into church and there was a guest priest and a very weird sermon.  I don’t know who she was but I’d set in the 2nd sideways row and she made me move to the front next to a child I think was a preacher’s kid.  Very sweet kid.  Playful.  There was recorded music, clapping, and an American flag.  Strange.  Then she had us get up and look in these old boxes and I found old budgets from people who donated to the chapel years ago.   There were also small jewelry boxes with pictures, stickers, and jewelry stored in them.

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