Future Plans from the Past

Another dream was about building at the Chapel.  There was a tram that was suspended in the air somehow that was to take you past the new building.  I got in it for the first ride and it followed a path where a gravel road would be built.  Instead of going to the current site though it went far back in the woods.  We saw the back of China Grove and then a river (?) water area with old septic tanks in it.  Someone said “It’s a shame you can’t find those anymore to build up that installment.” Like it was art!  Then we went through what was the “original” Chapel cemetery.  It wasn’t our current cemetery but it was lovely and peaceful.  We then passed people who were in need – an old sick woman, hungry children.  I leaned out of the tram until I almost fell out.  The old lady was trying to touch us for healing, and I remember wondering why she thought we could help, and then thinking maybe her faith would heal her.  I almost fell out I was leaning back so much and someone yelled at me to get back in the car.  When we stopped, there was a building.  We went in, and to the left was a series of stalls – like Greenhills.  Mostly food.  At the very end was what looked like popsicles, but they weren’t cold.  They were called “Crunchies”.  I thought about getting some but didn’t.  They were a Mexican treat, and the family that sold them lived across the hall.  They were in the floor of a living room celebrating Christmas.  They spoke to me and the mother asked me a question.  Maybe what I liked to eat.  Then I went back the way I came and there was an Indian woman selling Indian food.  She was telling someone that you had to be careful if it was the first time you were trying Indian food.  On the other side from where the tram dropped us off, there was a big open room with a corral in the center.  There were tons of kids in the corral, and a blimp was flying around dropping toys.  Once a kid got a toy, they left.  Eventually, they were all gone, and it dropped one stuffed rabbit then left.  Ben was there.  I then realized it was time to go, but instead of getting in the tram, there was a weird convertible truck/limo.  I said I love those types of cars and climbed to the back, putting up the seat.  On the drive back, I said to Ben, “So we’ll have to move some of the original graves if the train will be on the ground…” He said “ok” and I wasn’t sure if he was just acknowledging some or if he was agreeing.  He looked annoyed.  Someone else (maybe Dick???) started yelling at me saying they’d asked before and were told no graves had to be moved.  I asked how that was possible and don’t remember the answer.

For “the rest of the story” – please see The Rest of The Story – Future Plans from the Past – which tells a part of it…..


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