The sporting goods_music_sauna store

I had gone to Rochester and was visiting Jason M from work.  In his spare time, he had opened a huge hardware store like Lowes.  There were a few differences – in the middle there was a big room with a big vacuum doorway.  People inside were playing music.  I think it was a way to have a soundproof room anywhere.  I really wanted to go inside but was afraid to ask.

There was another room that was like a sauna (with the same kind of door) but it was cold instead of hot.  A girl came out, and was very mean and pushed me hard in the rib.  After that, I got very weak and hungry.  I had seen samples of sausage in the grill area, and Jason went and got me the whole cart with 10 sausages on it.  As toppings, there was mayo, mustard and ketchup.


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