Diagnosis and Deeds

I had gone to the doctor to get test results.  There, a nurse showed me a picture, and I had white dots inside.  In my dream, they were on my uterus (impossible, since I had a hysterectomy in real life.)  Instead of  a round sphere, the surface was covered by indentations – much like the skin of an orange, except each indentation was larger and white.  There was no pain.

I asked if I should be concerned, and she said yes – she was surprised the doctor hadn’t talked to me yet.  I was worried they would eat through and become holes instead of dents.

I never got to talk to the doctor.  Then I was in Dr. Chen’s office, but it was on a busier street (it’s how I imagine a New York street in a neighborhood.)  I was in the waiting room with Michael, and decided not to go.  I looked out the big glass window, and saw a school bus with the #7 on it.  That was my bus, although I couldn’t remember the name of the school.  I ran out, and at first, the bus started to pull away.  Then they heard me knocking and backed up.  The bus driver (female) asked, “Why are you on my bus?” and I said I was always a car rider.  I tried to walk to the back, and most seats had a person in them.

A bully (male) wouldn’t let me pass, so I said, “Don’t worry.  I’m not going to sit with you.”  I went back toward the front and sat in an empty seat.  Behind me was a girl sitting by herself in an aisle seat so no one could sit with her.  The bully came up and grabbed my planner, and started ripping it apart.  I was screaming and crying; then I bit his side hard until he let go.  My planner had my dreams written in it as well as dates.  No real damage was done, though the pages were starting to come out of their binding.  I was mad and upset because the bus driver just watched and didn’t intervene.

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