Food for Thought

There were a bunch of soccer players at our house.  Our house was huge, but it wasn’t this one that we currently live in.  There was a big balcony inside that overlooked the living room.

It might have been this dream, or perhaps a different one, that Michael made lasagna.  He had a piece, but he ate it in the other room.  Alex and Dylan each had one, and then I ate the rest of the lasagna.  I felt so guilty – thinking “How could I have eaten over half of a lasagna?” and I thought that Michael probably wanted to eat the rest of it after I was gone. (Not sure where I was going.)

Also, maybe in this dream but maybe in a separate one, I had to make meat loaf.  I didn’t have a recipe, but Michael said to use eggs, breadcrumbs, and meat, and I was ok with that.

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