A new pledge card?

This one seemed to begin in the middle…

I hadn’t followed up, so Michael started, but then asked me to finish.  (Based on the original note below – I feel like I was trying to follow up on a capital campaign for a school, and was going to ask someone in my sister-in-law’s family to donate $3,000- $8,000.) IMG_1412

I was trying to fill out a very long form over the phone, and I kept going out of order.  It seemed like I was filling out a pledge card, or a pledge for a donation, but it was visually very different than other pledge cards.  There were pictures of 10 hands of cards, and the person answering had to rank them 1-10.  I thought to myself that this must be to analyze the person’s risk for gambling and losing their money.  A woman came around talking loudly and I couldn’t hear.


Capital campaign

Lois’s family

donate 3-8k


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