Which level?

I was checking in on a cruise with someone I didn’t know.  They were saying my room wasn’t near theirs, and asking if I wanted to move.  My room was on the 6th floor, and there were other rooms available on the 8th floor and 12th floor.  I was able to look at the options by scrolling through them on a large screen, which was a projection of the agent’s computer screen.  I asked about the difference in the rooms to an older lady standing to the left of the counter.  She was old and wrinkly, and she had no shirt on (but it didn’t seem to bother me.)  The other lady said it was up to me and my preference.  I was annoyed and said that I had never been in the rooms and I didn’t know the difference.  She said the one on 12 was near the game room.  I had noticed on the map that there was a room labelled Mata Hari, and I was intrigued as to what that was, but now I assumed it was the game room.  I said that I didn’t want to be woken up by kids in the game room, and the old lady put on her shirt and said that she was the same way and laughed.  They ignored the 800 room and didn’t mention that.  I said I would stay in the 600 room.  I was trying to decide if I should buy sunscreen and a soda card.


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