I have finally caught up in logging my dreams from the last month, and so I wanted to take an opportunity to start providing a little bit of the context that I have used/will use to interpret them.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not an expert.  I have not even read the “recommended reading lists” from the experts.  This is my very-much-beginner view of the world, but it will hopefully help you frame some of my future comments with a little bit of my understanding and the lenses that I look through.

If I were to diagram the sentence of my dreams, the ego would be the subject.  “I.”  This could be me, as I am today.  This could be I, as I am in a dream.  It could be I, and then switch to another perspective…but it is the me, the I, who is doing… the doing.


There was a Bible verse that I obsessed about a few years ago.  It spoke of “emptying yourself.” (Perhaps in Philippians???)  And it never made sense to me.  What did it mean, being “empty” or “nothing”.  But in light of the ego, the ego must make room – it must make space for God (or the Self, or the Higher Power, or whatever you wish to call it.)  If your ego…if MY ego… is too inflated, there is no room to hear, to listen, to learn, to receive.

So – step one in the dream interpretation is to identify the ego, and understand her perspective.



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