I had a long dream about race.  We were building a new house, but it wasn’t finished, so we were living in a hotel.  Donald Trump came to town, and the first time, Buster’s feet were cut on broken glass, and another dog tried to attack him.  On TV, they started branding black children.  I got very afraid, and wanted to take a taxi the next time we left the hotel.  It was going to be me, mom, and Dylan.

Suddenly, the characters changed, and it was me, a black man, a black teenage boy, and Dylan was a girl.  Dylan (as the female character) was in love with the leader of a cult, and wouldn’t believe that the cult was using him.  The people we were with wanted to “take a stand” so we decided to walk back through “Trump land” rather than take a taxi.  We made fake suitcases out of boxes to carry. I was very afraid.  When we passed the church where the cult leader was, Dylan bought a necklace and ring.  The leader asked Dylan if we spoke English, and suddenly the rest of us didn’t.  In English, he told Dylan to come back at a certain day and time alone.


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