What’s good for the unconscious is good for the ego…

No one is supposed to read this. I didn’t create a Social Media campaign. I haven’t tweeted links, sponsored ads, or any such thing. But somehow people have found this page. My best guess is that you are fellow bloggers, surfing tags that relate to your particular topic of interest. (For example, a competitive barbecue team liked my post about Backyard BBQ.) How sad most of you must be to find that these posts are only dreams… Nothing that necessarily pertains to your area of expertise in cyber space.

But you know what? Ten of you have “liked” the post you read. And a few of you followed the blog. (You’re in for a weird ride, my friends…) 

Yes, this is good for my ego. She knows that she has no control iN this zany dreamland, but at least she gets thrown a little scrap when you say, “Hey, I liked what you wrote to honor that dream…”

There is a little part (or maybe not so little) of that ego who is deathly afraid of letting the unconscious loose in the world. She’s afraid of being judged. She’s afraid of being laughed at. She’s afraid that people will see just how “not-in-control” this self-proclaimed control freak really is. But now there’s a little part that also whispers, “See, people understand.”

 We really aren’t that different. There are common threads that connect us all, both waking and sleeping. Does it really matter which?  How much more might we connect with one another if we started communicating, both waking and sleeping… Finding those common threads that we miss in the hustle and bustle of social constructs? How much more….?

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