Rewrite – Going to Meet Joy

As part of the “Understanding your Dreams” course at Millsaps, I re-wrote an earlier dream after identifying and re-defining the various elements.

This is a re-write of Easter in July

I was arriving at church at a place and time I love.  I was looking forward to it, and to the tradition, but I was late and everything was different than expected.  As I was trying to come in, I was slowed down and inconvenienced, and I had to take a new approach.  I was waiting on someone else to take the lead, and when they didn’t , I felt out of control and annoyed.

When I finally was there, the strange, unusual, and different part of myself caused me to change, and I was annoyed at the time, but I enjoyed the outcome.  I moved from the sidelines to the front, and found the sweet, playful, and joyful part of myself, and this is a role I am supposed to play.

I found at the end renewed commitments, links to the past, playfulness, and something of special value.


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