The Rest of The Story – Future Plans from the Past

Below is an email that I wrote to a few key people who are working on the Capital Campaign.  This is interpretation #1 of my amazing dream, and it really embodies my hopes for the Chapel…

Some of you may know that I’ve been participating in Karen Bonner’s Sunday school class about dreaming.  (It’s wonderful, by the way!)  One of the things she encouraged at the very beginning was to write down our dreams.


Last night, I had the most wonderful dream about the new sanctuary and the capital campaign, and I felt compelled to share it.  Karen said that dreams talk to us in symbols, and much of what a dream “means” can be attributed to what it means to the dreamer.  This one shouted so clearly at me there is no mistaking what it meant to me.


I had gone to the Chapel, and there was an aerial tram that had been put in to “tour” the site of the new sanctuary. (Can we add that to our master plan? J)  I got on this tram in our existing parking lot with a group of others and it took a path into the woods behind the chapel, though the path went much further than our existing land.  We rode past the backside of China Grove, and back past an original (and very beautiful) cemetery that – in the dream – was an important part of the history of the Chapel.  Along the way, there were people in need who were following the tram:  a woman who was sick, groups of children. All of them were following us to get help.  When the tram stopped, there was a building there at the site that would be the church.  Inside, to the left, there were all different people from different cultures.  People were sharing food and tasting new things.  One family was celebrating Christmas!  To the right, there was a big room, and in the center was a group of kids.  Overhead, there was a blimp that was dropping gifts.  The children would get the gifts, and then slowly leave.  Eventually, the kids were all gone, and the blimp dropped another stuffed animal that someone ran in to get, and then it slowly flew away, waiting for the next group to come in.  Everyone was happy, and having a great time.  The dream was filled with enthusiasm and joy.


Now, I’m not an expert, but to me – this dream embodied all of the wonderful reasons that we are taking this bold step at the chapel.  This dream mirrored back all of my hopes – that by moving forward, we will be connecting our rich history with our future.  We will be bringing different people, families and communities, together, and we will be able to better help those in need.  And the gifts that we will be providing the community and our children will continue to give, long after we are gone. Most importantly, perhaps, is that the reach of this is so much larger than we can see right now.


I know that each of you are working so hard to set the stage for success, and so I wanted to share with you a small taste of the hope and excitement that came to me last night in my dream.



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