Three Secret Rooms

I was in a house – my house (but not in real life.)  As you went to enter the attic, there was a secret door with 3 doors/passages.  The first went to a secret room in the attic where I liked to hide/rest.  There was an area with a bed in it in an enclosed area that I liked to sit in.  The second went to a secret room in the basement/back of the house.  I’m not sure where the third went.  I was showing the secret attic room to someone.

Next door, there was a seasonal shop that closed.  She’d put up giant banners that said she would return next season, and she gave the keys to Michael.  He put them in the downstairs room.  Monica came up and accused me of hiding things there.  I said that I never use it.  She accused me of lying, and I got really upset.  I offered to show her, and she wouldn’t go.  My feelings were really hurt that she thought I was lying.  The she said she liked the workout room, which I figured out was Austin’s room.  She said she used it, and showered in his bathroom.  She asked me to hang the mirror because on the floor, it scared Buster.


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