Not-so-social media

I don’t remember anything but this dream had to do with social media at work.  My handwriting left a little to be desired. 😦chicken scratches


social media @

Pile of ????

in bathrobe (bathroom?)


5 thoughts on “Not-so-social media

  1. Haha xD this reminds me of my writing 😀 especially when I am writing dream during a night, without light obviously 😀 do you do that too? Or you weite your dreams in the morning? For me it’s both, depends if I wake up at night and remeber something 🙂


    1. I do both! A lot of times, I write in the dark, and then the next morning I can’t read what I wrote. Sometimes it comes back to me, and sometimes it doesn’t! If I dream right before I get up in the morning, I tend to do a better job writing in full sentences and legible handwriting! It’s nice to find others who are trying to write down and understand their dreams!

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    1. I checked out your blog. It’s very nice- open and inspiring. Thank you for sharing! I didn’t really intend for anyone to find my blog- I meant to use it and maybe share with one or two people. It’s surprised me that others have found it- I guess from tags. Anyway- keep writing and thanks again for your comment!

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