The Church in the Wildwood

This post is not a dream, it’s my ramblings. 🙂  Be forewarned.

When faced with the thought of “understanding” or “interpreting” my dreams, I get overwhelmed.  Very easily.  I actually have notebooks upon notebooks of dreams that I’ve never done anything with, because I have no idea where to start.

One of the biggest reasons that I decided to start a blog about my dreams is so I could add tags, and easily see – what am I dreaming about the most?  It seems logical to me that I could start with the recurring trends, and try to understand those.  Right or wrong, it makes this whole journey seem a little more “bite sized” to me.

So – as of today, 50-ish posts into this adventure, the most commonly used tag (outside of some general categories like “dream”, “animus”, and “shadow”) has been Chapel of the Cross.

This is my church.  This is my spiritual home.  I suppose it’s no wonder that God brings this holy place front and center in many of my dreams.

As a child, I did not grow up in a church. My mom and dad were “spiritual” but not “religious.”  I never belonged to a specific church, although I visited several.  I never really wanted to *belong* – in fact, when my mom and I would occasionally go to a church to visit, I always worried that they would kick me out.  Maybe it was because I never really “agreed” with the doctrines that were being presented to me…. Maybe it was me, just being an insecure child.  Either way, I was not a churchgoing kid.

As an adult, I dabbled in church a bit, but again, never JOINED.  When I got ready to move to Mississippi, I knew I wanted to find a church.  I’m not sure why – I just felt that I needed that in my life.  I started visiting various baptist and methodist churches, because that was what I was familiar with.  I built a spreadsheet, circling churches whose doctrines I agreed with, and scratching out those that I disagreed with.  One day, Michael said, “Why don’t we try out this little church I’ve always wanted to see… it’s an Episcopal Church,” and I said, “What’s that?  Is there a bunch of standing and kneeling, because I don’t know about all that.”  🙂  After some prodding, we visited.  And then we visited again.  And then Michael made me go to a Wednesday Night Supper.  And then my (now) friend Dan invited me to a book club.  And then I did a service project.  And then before I knew what had happened, I was baptized, confirmed, and fully in love with the Chapel and her people.

So what does the Chapel mean to me?

This is my “home”… I suppose as close to Heaven as I can get while here on Earth.  This is my place to re-center, to talk to God.  It’s a group of people who I care about, and who care about me.  We take care of one another.  We eat together.  We play together.  At the moment, we are embarking on a capital campaign to build a new sanctuary, and we are about to grow together.  I can FEEL the energy and the Holy Spirit in this place, and I believe that it’s truly something holy and sacred.

So what does this mean in my dreams….?  I know that it’s something special… that’s for certain.IMG_8928

2 thoughts on “The Church in the Wildwood

  1. it´s great that you found your “home”, some place where you find God and friends :)) I was born into Christianity but I don´t know if I can call myself that anymore because I don´t agree with some statements by people who called themselves priests, please don´t take this as offence 😉 this is just about me and my experience 😉 the same people who spread hate one day, are saying that we should all love each other :O I just don´t get it and it´s alarming how many people don´t even notice their two-faced facade :O

    anyway, I mostly believe in God, or just Something,I think there can be more names for it but there is something up there and I also think that every religion believes in that something and that it´s basically the same thing. The only difference is that we called it by different names 🙂 what about you?

    But at the end, I think that every way of finding a God/Something/Energy/Universe/… is the right way 🙂 each person choose their own way and I think each of these ways are right 🙂 (except ways which causes harm and sadness to others of course) 🙂


    1. Sorry for the late reply, and thank you for your comments. For a long time growing up, I didn’t go to church because there was always some doctrine that I didn’t believe in. I now am a member of the episcopal church, and it takes into consideration the tradition of the catholic church, scripture, and personal understanding/interpretation – so there is room for questioning and learning, which I think is so very important. I, too, have low tolerance for spreading hate – although I try my best to love even those I so strongly disagree with. (Some days are easier than others!) One day I would love to study comparative religions because I do think that so many of them have the same foundation and so many similarities. Ultimately we all have to find our path, but to do so by following love/light is so very important. Thanks for your thoughtful comments… I love hearing other people’s perspectives!

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