The Life of the Party

I was throwing a birthday party in a hotel (maybe a Hyatt?).  This was the second time that we’d done a party here, and so it was very easy.  They had the room already configured right, and there was a wheel of some sort at the front of the room (maybe for some sort of game?)  We were staying in a hotel room – it was the first one as you walked into the hallway, and it was close to the party venue.  There were a few different areas, and when we got there, Alex and a group of boys went up to one room to play Xbox, and one of the dads went with them to supervise.  Dylan and the girls went into a downstairs room.

I was trying to find time to take a shower, but I ran out of time.  One of Dylan’s friend’s mom came, and we didn’t like her.  Michael told her, “Don’t start anything” but I was trying to be nice and so I said, “Thank you for coming.”  She said that her son (Dylan’s friend’s little brother) was there.  He was having fun, and was being good, but she started beating him saying that he was around teenagers, and needed to act differently.

The hotel was connected to a mall, and Mary Parker was there and went into a weird drug store.  She said, “This is my favorite record store!”  (I didn’t see any records, so this was odd.)  There was an older woman in a kiosk selling stuff.  There was a stuffed animal in the shape of dice.  It had a face and was animated, so it would roll on the floor toward you.

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