Another missed concert

I was supposed to go to a Florida Georgia Line Concert. (In real life, I was supposed to go last Saturday, but missed it for a soccer tournament.) The concert in my dream was on a cruise ship, and I was very excited.  We had 4 tickets, and we had five people on the cruise – me, Michael, Alex, and Dylan.  The fifth person couldn’t go, and so Michael was going to go to the concert with us, and I was so happy, but I didn’t want to go to him. (Not sure what that note meant.)  Then the kids had another friend with them and so there weren’t extra tickets after all.  I was going to go up to the room to change clothes and get the tickets.  There were two escalators to get there.  One was normal, but the second was for use with wheelchairs.  It was made of flat panels that were not stairs – they looked almost like a steel waterfall that flowed backward uphill.  I decided to go up that one, but it was harder than   thought and I got dizzy by the end.  Two people followed me – a man and a woman that I didn’t know.  They were trying to make an excuse to come in my room and I knew they were trouble.  One got in (the woman) and was pulling a gun out of her purse.  I got it first, and I shot her several times.  It was a struggle.  She still managed to leave I think.  I went down to the lobby to try to find Michael.  Fast forward – I saw Florida Georgia Line warm up on the stairs – I was right by them, but I didn’t get to go to the concert.  After the concert, Dylan came out with a baby carriage, but instead of a baby in it, there was a teenage girl that he used to date (in the dream – no one I really know.)  He gave me a ticket stub and said he got FGL’s phone number for me, but the only number on the ticket stub was a phone number to call TicketMaster.  He said just to go call them, and say “Girrrrrl – I really need their number.”  Sloan and Tell and Shirley were also on the boat at some sort of craft fair or flea market.  They were working booths.

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