School’s out for the summer (part 2)

I was at school, and it was the last few days before school was out for the summer.  I didn’t know which class was next, but unlike my normal dreams (when I have no idea where to go or how to find out) this time I had a schedule.  I thought to myself that I never used to forget where I was going next while I was in school.  I went to a history class (I think it was history.)  The teacher asked me to arrange for an overhead projector for the next class.  I also needed to do that for my science class.  Someone brought me the book that I needed to fill out to check out the equipment, and I started to fill out the form to reserve it.  Then in my science class, I left to go drop them off at the front desk.  After school, I was walking out and the history teacher was at the front desk.  He yelled out to pick up the projector on the way to class.  I was thinking it would be too heavy for me, but then I realized he was asking the guy behind me to do it.  The guy was in my class, but I didn’t know him.

We were supposed to watch the new Peanuts movie in class on the last day.  It had not yet been released, but it was going straight to the DVD. I was telling Mom about it – in the plot, Lucy killed all the others and it was a comedy – not a normal Peanuts movie.  I wondered if it would be appropriate, and if we were on a waiting list to get it, or if we should try to download it via iTunes.  Then we were stuck in traffic, and I thought we were going to be watching in our cars and blocking traffic.  (In another part of the dream, we saw protesters blocking traffic too.)  Alex had to get home because over the summer, he was going to be working three jobs – two were at different hotels and a third job was not related but I don’t remember.


By Ryomaandres (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsSnip20160522_5

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