The aftermath

If Sunday night’s dream was all about Archangel Michael slaying the ego, Monday night’s dream was the ego coming back and feeling slayed.  It was not a great night.  All night long I was sick, or dead.  My ego was not having a great night.

At one point I had woken up and jotted down the following note:

decomposing bodies


I don’t remember the dream, but I think that I *was* the decomposing body, which is disturbing on so many levels.  Although I often dream about dead bodies, there is only one other time I can recall where I was the dead body.

My next note said:

All night I dreamed that I either had cancer, or was in a dead body, or was struggling.  Very tired when I woke up.

The most recent dream that I had, I had cancer and went into this big doctor’s office on Sunday to take my first pill.  It was a huge doctor’s office in downtown Atlanta.  I wondered why I had to go to the doctor to take a pill, but someone said they had to “stamp” the pill.  Then I had to go to Walmart to get my ongoing medicines.  They called them “LS” medicines.  You had to stand in line in the main aisle (standing perpendicular to the checkout lanes.)  You then picked the medicines up at a separate place (kind of like a jewelry counter at Walmart today.)  I was very cold, and a large black lady in a tank top tried to hug me and warm me up, but she was just as cold as I was.  I laughed and said she was making me colder!  There was another large black man in line in front of her, and I thought that he might be warmer, but I never found out.  People were trying to help me get to the right spot in the line.  Another worker was walking over from one of the checkout lines with a bag of medicines and said that “so and so” had called ahead and would be picking up their LS medicine and that it was ready.

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