Another way…

I was in an airport, and I got stopped/stuck as I was walking down a long hallway.  I realized there was a narrow path that seemed to be open to the left of the crowd, and I asked one of the people milling around if I could get through.  They told me it wasn’t blocked.  So I started to go around, but then I noticed that there were between 10-20 cars completely destroyed as though they had been totaled, and they belonged to the people who were standing around. It didn’t appear that anyone was hurt, but they now had to fly instead of drive.  I wondered if the airline was going to pay for their cars.  Shirley was one of the people who was there, and so I stopped and was going to help her.  Just then, the airline called her and gave her a ticket for 9:30 pm.  So instead, I turned back around and went the other direction to a bar/restaurant at the airport to eat.  While I was there,s someone asked me about what I was going to give Sarah for her baby shower present.  I realized I’d forgotten and was going to get her something online, but it was too late.

Once again, I’m going to go out on a limb and do a partial interpretation here.  (It’s a lot easier to do when you can see trends over time!)  If every person in the dream is some part of me (and my shadows) – I have spent the first 40 years of my life trying to do things the same old way (aka in cars.)  Suddenly, that is no longer an option.  That path is blocked – or maybe just discouraged – it’s time to fly.  In every dream I’ve had, I have LOVED flying – whether just myself, or in a plane.  It’s given me a better vantage point, it’s been fun and exhilarating.  As a practical method, it’s a much faster way to get from point A to point B.  But all my traditional “cars” had to be totaled and demolished before I would consider another way.  Stubborn much?

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