The Whisper of a Dream

I have never responded to a daily writing prompt before, but I couldn’t exactly pass up the chance to respond to “Dream” (even if I am a few days late.)

A dream…How many people take this precious gift for granted?  How many times have I brushed my dreams, my nightmares, my fleeting thoughts – aside, instead, rushing ahead into the next day?

It took a breathtaking dream to make me stop and take notice.  Well, that, plus several dreams that point to Synchronicity in this crazy world around us…  And let’s face it, I didn’t really *want* to take notice even then.  To this day, I struggle to accept my dreams. I often feel uncomfortable sharing them, even though I cannot take credit for them. I try to listen… I try to understand.  Yet often, the dreams are simply whispers in a very loud world.  My fear is that unheard, the whisper becomes a roar, and so I listen, and I share. Thank you for sharing them with me.




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