“We’re not saving lives here”

I just realized I never transcribed my dream from Saturday, so here goes… since it’s now Monday, I don’t actually remember having the dream, so I can just share what I wrote.

in hospital but at work.  Everyone had been asked to share their hospital flowers, but not everyone did (only 3 people.)  Remedy (a tool we use at work) was going down and I was being asked to authorize it.  Mom was there and men that I didn’t know.

A quick footnote about the title I chose for this:  I work in customer service for a telecommunications company, and often, when I get stressed out, someone will say something like “We’re not flying airplanes here” or “We’re not saving lives here” – meaning, if I make a mistake, it’s not going to hurt anyone.  In this particular dream, the decision I made could have hurt someone, so that’s why I chose this title.


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