Search and Run- another Travel Tale

Michael, Austin and I were supposed to be leaving at 4pm for a 3 day trip to Mexico. We were running late anyway, but we still had a few hours so I stopped to geocache. There was a warehouse building but when I went inside it was a restaurant. Brent (?) met me there. We were looking for it and there were two others there as well – one who was represented by a cat emoji in the app and one who came up and touched my shoulders. We never found it- I thought it was under a canopy where there was a fountain with unicorns on the edges. When you touched the edge the unicorns began moving.  But we never found it.

When we left, I had to ride a bike to get somewhere. It had no handle bars and was dark. Then I was with Austin and he wanted to stop for food so we went back to the geocaching place. He ate dinner and then ordered an ice cream sunday. Someone pointed at the clock and it was 4:20. I started freaking out and the lady in the restaurant said she was on the same flight and it didn’t leave until 4 am. I didn’t think that was right so I called Michael and he said no, that he and mom and dad were on the plane waiting for us. I started screaming at Austin to hurry. We got in my car and he wanted to drive, but then he started driving crazy and going down the wrong side of the interstate. He was hitting things and I dreamed at him to stop the f*ing car. I was so mad I was crying. When he stopped so I could drive I saw the back end was all bent up again and wouldn’t close properly. Then he told me it was a prank and. This wasn’t even my car, so I was fine.

We went rushing to the airport and  when we got there we were 30 or 40 minutes late . I told Austin to run through the airport and we were trying to find the gate on our boarding passes. We didn’t have to clear security- somehow we came in through a back entrance to the airport. When we got to the gate, no one was there so I ran onto the jet bridge and begged to be let on. She let us on with no issue. As we walked in, there was a big shelf on the wall that had presents and wrapping paper that you could take. I saw stuffed animals and beach towels. At the end of the jet bridge there were showers and restrooms. There were 4 entrances to choose from to get into the aircraft. As we went on (I think we chose the second one) I heard the flight attendant accusing someone in the restroom of trying to sneak on. She told them that she just let the Barkers on, but that we had family already on the plane waiting for us.

Yoga office

I was visiting the Vancouver office for work. It was very small and the bathrooms were out of service. I went to a bathroom around the corner. I looked for pottyposts but didn’t find them.  There was a purse left in the bathroom with a passport sticking out. I was going to take it to the girl on the passport but she came in as I was leaving. She said it was only her passport not her purse. As I came out of the bathroom I saw they were setting up a special exhibit. They had had yoga in front of the office area but only a few people participated. Vikram was there. They set up a big obstacle course that you had to crawl, climb and jump through to get back to the office. Vikram and the other guy in charge would chase you and you had to try not to be caught. It was fun.

Funerals, Frogs and Friends

A friend of ours had died unexpectedly and so I was going to his funeral. He is young- probably early 50’s and so the funeral was huge. I was not dressed appropriately … I was wearing jeans, but I planned to be in the very back so I went on. The funeral was so big it was in a convention center. There were apparently two funerals there (I saw signs for the other one.) I started out way in the back and then somehow got behind the stage at the front. They were taking communion and called me out so I was in front of everyone. The priest wasn’t there, so I was told to just reach in and get a communion wafer. They were the large ones and weren’t broken, so they told me to take the whole thing!  I also had to just pick up the chalice and drink wine. Our friend had been cremated so there was just a small box at the front. I had been worried it would be open casket and freak me out.

Once I took communion I decided to leave. I was in a mall section of the convention center and met the comedian Taylor Williamson from AGT. I introduced myself and about that time Marleen walked up with two other friends that were very funny. I told Taylor he had to hang out with us because he would get so much content from Marleen! I introduced them (using only Taylor’s first name, because apparently we were close like that!). Marleen and I went to get something out of the dorm room where (in my dream) we used to live together. No one else showed up so I told them we would meet them. I asked Marleen where we should meet and she said “on the steps of Frog Kroger.” At first I didn’t know where this was because no place was called Frog Kroger, but then I remembered that she thought the Kroger by my old apartment needed a name and called it that.  We had a lot of difficulty getting there , and I actually woke up before we got there or met up with the others.

Game of No’s…. A Bad Lesson in Good Preparation

I was supposed to give a workshop. It was three parts- part 1,2, and 3. Part one was in one location (in a conference room at a work setting), then we had to move for part two (to a classroom), then 3 was back in the original. When I went to part two there was an old man who put my box of supplies in a box elevator so I didn’t have to carry it upstairs. I was not well prepared. I completed them out of order and was not thorough. As I was playing the video, I realized I didn’t make copies for people so I tried to pin up the handouts but no one could see them.  I didn’t realize that the guest speaker in part two was famous (the topic was symbolism in Game of Thrones) and there was an actor who spoke to the group but he hadn’t been introduced to what I’ve seen yet- he doesn’t come until a later season. On the way back to the third part, Kathy J was driving me. We pulled into the church parking lot and my old Sitel sales team was there. I was so sad that I hadn’t known they were visiting because now I didn’t have time to see them before they left and went back to India. When we got to the entrance, all the parking spots were full (we were now in a mall-like building not the church.) Kathy had to park in a circle dive. As I got out she gave me $5 so I stopped to get a Diet Coke in the food court of this office. There were long lines at most places and so I went to a new place where the server was on my side of the counter trying to reach over. They served the drinks in plastic bottles that were cut with a knife and then compressed. I gave them $10 to pay and they tried not to give me change. Then I said I needed change so they tried to charge me $3.75. I was furious because it was tiny. I got a small cup from the next stand and it barely filled that up even though they argued that it was large. The drink next door was $.75. When I got into the room, I realized no one was there and so I had to talk to the leader about what to do and I was wondering if I should apologize to the participants for being so ill-prepared.

A convention of Sorts

I had gone to some sort of conference and was staying in a hotel with Michael. It had a really large bathroom so he could  take a bath and I could take a shower and we wouldn’t see each other. We had been at a parade just before going back to the hotel. It might have been a gay pride parade, the only thing I remember was there were individuals riding in cups of dippin dots, and I realized that you could rent them and be in the parade. As it was getting over, a man on a horse came over and I tried to pet the horse. A man came back to the hotel with us and offered to do a dream Interptetaion reading for me, so I tried writing my number On a business card but the marker smeared. Instead I wrote my number on a piece of paper and kept his business card.

I was having some sort of indigestion or heart burn and dad had told me to go to a doctor.  I went- it was in the hotel- and I filled out the paperwork. But then I had to wait because either Alex or Dylan was filling out a job application. They were asking the interviewer questions about being on Canada and writing down her answers. It seemed like they were filling it out wrong but I couldn’t interrupt them. By the time they were done, I had decided to wait and go to Dr. Chen. Then I went to meet Austin to buy tickets to an event, but we were having trouble getting them. I went up to the room and he was supposed to be right behind me. When I got there, he wasn’t there yet but Heather was. She had a thick dark mustache and beard- it was strange. She was really upset and I was trying to calm her down. She was looking for a job where she could take her four kids to work with her. I suggested a daycare. Once she left I went to find Austin. I got on the elevator and rode to the 5th floor and there was a big party with food and drinks. I got back on the elevator and Austin was slumped on the floor drunk. I got him back to the room and he kept trying to leave because there was a lady taking over his Twitter and he was upset.

Somewhere in the dream, Alex was in the woods turkey hunting .

Vacation Planner

Michael, Alex, Dylan and I were going on vacation. On the way, we passed several different water parks but didn’t stop. We were planning to go to NYC I think. I had found a restaurant to eat in Saturday night but Michael wasn’t planning to go. At first I was upset but then realized he would be cranky if he had to go, so this way he got some down time but I still got to go.

The Writing’s on the Cake

I dreamed that Monica tried to call Michael from the Christmas Village phone number. He didn’t answer; then the next day he looked at his phone and said she tried to call him back from there at midnight. He got a message from her and it was a video – one of those in fast forward speed. She was decorating cakes and each one had a message. She said she had gotten her old job back (She used to volunteer at the bakery at Christmas Village but it wasn’t a paying job.) A layer cake said, “Isn’t it wonderful?” She signed it “kona” after trying several variations of nicknames. We were very upset because we hadn’t planned on losing Austin’s tuition benefit.

The Process of Real Estate

I was trying to either buy or sell a house. Ben invited us to a meeting at his real-estate company. The goal was to show us how process-oriented the team was. Will and Davis both worked there as well. The meeting was well- run. In the middle, I looked over and Anna and Henry had a marker and were writing their names on our nice orange blanket. I ran over and told them, “you know better than to write on a blanket.” They asked if it was mine, and I said yes and asked them to please not write on it any more. Against my better judgement I left the market with them. At the end of the meeting, they were putting supplies away and were using empty attic space over the offices for storage but there was no methodology. I told them that to be really process driven they needed an organized solution for storage. Austin’s friend Chris was there and climbed up  in the scaffolding and was climbing and jumping around like he was a monkey.

Travel Trailer Life

There were two distinct parts to this dream and I woke up in the middle.  First, I was with people and we had gone to look at travel trailers to live in. We pulled into a very run down area- the “trailers” looked like rusted out railroad cars. I had a dog and was afraid to even let the dog out. Someone told us that the insides were extremely nice and that the outsides were left looking like this to prevent crime- people though there was nothing of value there. Our friend Shirley lives there and her mother and sister did as well. My mom and dad were there and started saying that people didn’t like Shirley and so we quickly introduced them but they just laughed. We then went inside somewhere to a wedding. I had a crush on a young man, and I was asked to be in a wedding as the maid of honor. I said yes but then started panicking because I didn’t realize there were so many responsibilities. It was time for the first dance and I was wearing high heels. I had to dance with him and it was really uncomfortable. I was much taller than him and it was not romantic at all. I was really disappointed. Then as we were dancing, his hand came off and I realized it was a fake hand and it really wasn’t the person I thought- it was his father in disguise. People started chasing him, and then I woke up.

When I went back to sleep, I was living in a travel trailer, but it was not luxurious. I was in one tiny little room and then there was someone else in the other (larger) section. I feel like it was someone abusive to me. I decided enough was enough and so I went in to clean up. There was blood in the shower along with mold so I just started cleaning everything with a hose from top to bottom, and that’s when I woke up for good.