The Mega Garage

I was working at EarthLink, but it was a different building that I had never been in before.  I came up a very fast elevator and exited into a mall.  There was a big arcade on the corner. I went into work, but then when it was time to leave, I couldn’t remember what floor I had parked on.  There were 17 floors to choose from.  I was standing at the elevator bank, and there was another girl with me.  A different elevator stopped for us, and she started to say, “I’ll wait for the other one” but then changed her mind.  We got in, and I decided to try the 6th floor.  When I got in, I found out why she didn’t want to be on that one.  It was much slower, and inside it had colorful fabric making it look like a tent.  The fabric kept flapping around.  When I got out on the 6th floor, it was the correct floor.  I realized that time that there were two arcades, not one.  As I walked through, I thought about what a good time the kids would have there.  It wasn’t as big as Dave and Busters but there were lots of fun games from their childhoods.  There was a guy that was blocking my aisle working at one of them – he was shouting something about games or tokens to the people who were around playing, and he was wearing a hat with antennas on it. (Like those springy kind on headbands that have hearts or shamrocks or whatever on them.)  Once I passed the arcades, I looked around and there were lots of restaurants around too.  I thought to myself that I would have loved working there when I lived in Atlanta and could have gone to the mall regularly.  I got disoriented and couldn’t find the parking, but then I walked past a fountain and saw there were doors out into the parking garage.  They had labels, and one was labelled EarthLink so I went through that door.  I was walking around clicking the key fob on my rental car.  Eventually I saw it to the far right side.  It was covered in snow.  I said, “How did it get covered in snow inside in the garage when it didn’t snow?”  The people around laughed at me and said that it came from the roof, and I said, “Oh, that’s how I got such a good spot – everyone else knew about that!”  They laughed at me.  There was a young man cleaning it off very fast.  It was done by the time I got there, and so I gave him $5.  He had taken a lot of small items he’d found and set them out, but then they weren’t mine, so we set them in a basket to the side.  Then I couldn’t find my keys and I thought he had taken them, but then I saw them where I sat them, so I tried to play it off like perhaps I had put them in the basket.

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