The Italian Villa

There is a house down the street from us that is being built- it is big, and beautiful, and looks like an Italian Villa. In real life the other day, there were two police cars there and we wondered what was going on, as I don’t think anyone has moved in yet.

Last night, I dreamed that Michael and I went down there to check on the house, but we were really curious too. It was 6 am, and as we were walking around inside, a lady said, “hello?” And came downstairs in her nightgown. We apologized profusely for being in her house without permission, and she said it was ok – that she had been out of town. She gave us a full tour and it was amazing! There was something noteworthy about the garage, and she had her own post office. I also made a note about dogs, but I can’t read that.


The interpretation on this one came to me before I even fully woke up. As you know, I have been fighting against exploring the new spiritual/psychic abilities that seem to be magnifying. I am trying to overcome this, and the dream seems to point to the fact that this exploration is great! It’s lovely and enjoyable and nothing bad about it. The post office points to this new level of communication- how do I communicate with others? And the garage is the jumping off point for somewhere new!

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