Fishing for class

I had two business clients coming in from out of town. I decided to take them to Bonefish and called ahead to make the reservation. It was very confusing but I was able to see on the computer they were made. For whatever reason I made them for 4:30- one of the clients loved fishing and there was some kind of fishing activity after. We arrived and the food was already out on the table. I had a mini cheese board and one of the clients had a large cheese board. After we are, we started walking around because there were games to play like a Dave and Buster’s. They were planning to spend the night as it was a hotel too. I went into a bathroom upstairs and it was where the employees lived. They were filthy and the beds were tiny and gross. I said something and they said the clients would have to stay there and work. I was appalled and went downstairs to tell them they could t stay there. Downstairs I went into a nice bathroom and there were “first class” stalls where you leave your name and they put a robe on the door for you. They were like big, fancy rooms! When I came out, I added a two hour fishing trip to the bill for Alex and Michael got mad that I added it without discussing it so I went and tried to get it taken off.

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