A Classroom Goldilocks

I was in school, and I was taking a final exam of some sort.  I was in a classroom that wasn’t my normal one, because someone called and asked what room I was in, and I had to look around for clues.  I told them that it looked like a history classroom.

The test was made up of watching a commercial about bears and answering questions about the commercial.  The top section was a scorecard, and the bottom was a table designed for comments.  The test was really hard, and it felt like I worked on it for a really long time.  Finally, I finished.  The teacher, who I liked, was calling us in one by one to review the test.  When it was my turn, I had missed many of the items in the scorecard, and most of the comments (many of which I had left blank.)  I had gotten a 55% for a score, and I was devastated.  I started to tell her that I just didn’t want to do this – that I didn’t want to spend an hour trying to understand a 30 second commercial, but then she gave me the chance to do it over (and had done so for a few other people as well) so I was glad that I didn’t tell her I didn’t want to do it.

First, she gave me a giant blanket, and it was too big and unwieldy for me to write on.  I was on the floor and tried going into a closet, but once I wrote something on the blanket, it was so big that I couldn’t find the answer again.

I then tried again on the original test paper, but it was so tiny, I couldn’t even fit a few words in the spaces, and I had decided I would write a lot of detail about every question to try to make up for it.

Finally, I settled on using a spiral bound notebook, and I would first write the question, then give the numeric answer, and then write details/comments after that.  I realized as I started writing the first question in the notebook that I had read all of the questions wrong to start with.  For example, the first question was not a rating about the commercial itself, it was about how the bears felt.  It was really hard to understand the question and also to stay focused.

As a child, I never really minded school as much as some others did.  The fact that I wasn’t lost, and I didn’t THINK I was ill prepared for the test was a good sign (normally those are the things I struggle with when I dream about school.)  This dream was different since I thought I had done well, and then my teacher (my shadow self) told me I had misunderstood.  On the bright side, the path of correction was clear – I had the chance to do it over again, and this time, read the instructions and read the questions more clearly.

Does this mean that there is something in my life that I’ve misunderstood?  Something that I need to re-think and do differently?  How do I figure out what part of my life that is?

I think that maybe I’ve gotten distracted with the “psychic” Facebook group that I joined.  While it’s interesting and really neat to read about some of the topics, they seem to be focused on “mediumship” and let’s face it, I have no desire to communicate with those who have passed on.  It’s compelling to try to see ghostly faces in pictures that are posted, but not really of much value to me and what I want to do in my life.  On the flip side, the fact that I didn’t want to do the analysis of the commercial is pretty indicative of how I feel  about interpreting my dreams sometimes.  The big ones – the ones that have strong emotions or easy meanings or synchronicity in my waking life – those are easy!  But to sit down and pull apart dreams that (on the surface) seem so random is a bit more challenging – especially with all of the potential work that could go into it.

The fact that I was in a history room… again, I’m not necessarily interested in history on the surface.  I never enjoyed that subject in school (although as an adult, when I have specific ties to a part of history, it becomes more interesting.)  But the setting is said to be an important part of the dream.

The fact that the commercial was about bears – hmmm, I don’t have any particular history with bears.  I did have another dream about bears, and much like this one, it was very frustrating and tiring.  In both cases, I was not very familiar with bears, and I was frustrated with the process of researching them and learning more about them.  Could bears be my dreams?  Scary, dangerous to my ego, something I’m very unfamiliar with?

The fact that when I went back and read the question closer, it was asking about the feeling of the bears could point to my own feelings.  How do I FEEL about what’s happening?  How do I FEEL about the dreams?

I included something about Goldilocks in the title of this post, because a) of course there were bears but b) when trying to resolve the situation I had to try something too big (the blanket), too small (the test paper) and ultimately find something JUST RIGHT (the notebook.)  I suppose with any new endeavor, there is a bit of trial and error, and especially when working with symbols, it’s easy to dig too deep or remain too much on the surface.  By going back to the basics (with my dream notebook?) and making sure I try to understand the question, perhaps that will help me stay focused on what God is asking me to hear.

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