Family Ties

I had gone to visit family. Originally, the event started out as Christmas Eve at my maternal granny’s house. Then as I was hugging everyone, my Aunt Sandy (my dad’s sister) was there. My first thought was, “What is she doing here?” Then my second thought was how amazing she looked. Her face was full of color and energy. She looked more well and vibrant than she had in years. People were sad about something – it was as though she had stopped treatment for some illness and she was going to die, but in the meantime she had a much better quality of life. My aunt Vicki was also there, and the two of them were going to go to Walmart. I said I would go with them but had to find some socks. I went to the room I was staying in (this was an unfamiliar house- not one that anyone in my family owns.) The room had twin beds in it, and Dylan was there. I went through all the drawers but couldn’t find any socks. Eventually I grabbed a pair that belonged to someone else. By that time, Sandy and Vicki had disappeared and a biker was there. This young man was famous and had been biking across country. He had stopped by the house as he passed. I introduced him to someone. Then suddenly the scene changes and it was no longer Christmas but instead was my paternal grandfather’s funeral. (In real life, I don’t remember meeting him because he died when I was little.) I never saw him- he was upstairs. But I left before the funeral. I hugged Sandy goodbye and she said thank you for coming. No one was upset I was leaving early.

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