Things aren’t as clean as they appear

We had gotten home and our housekeeper and her daughter were cleaning our house. They had been to a concert, and they were wearing dresses and looked very pretty. I wondered why they hadn’t changed clothes before cleaning though.

We were trying to get ready to leave. Michael’s sister and her family had been visiting and just left? And they had found a lot of old shirts I didn’t know I still had. I was excited.  I had to go to the bathroom and had terrible diarrhea. I couldn’t finish because people kept trying to come in. Finally I did and the toilet was clogged. I unclogged it but then Michael picked it up and put it in a swimming pool. It got it clean but then I was worried about the water in the pool being contaminated. Jessica chimed in and told us about how kids were getting sick because of glow sticks in the pool too.

We left and went to Michael’s friend Nancy’s house. She had just installed a swing over her pool. It was very high and looked very scary. I was worried she would hurt herself.

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