Travel Trailer Life

There were two distinct parts to this dream and I woke up in the middle.  First, I was with people and we had gone to look at travel trailers to live in. We pulled into a very run down area- the “trailers” looked like rusted out railroad cars. I had a dog and was afraid to even let the dog out. Someone told us that the insides were extremely nice and that the outsides were left looking like this to prevent crime- people though there was nothing of value there. Our friend Shirley lives there and her mother and sister did as well. My mom and dad were there and started saying that people didn’t like Shirley and so we quickly introduced them but they just laughed. We then went inside somewhere to a wedding. I had a crush on a young man, and I was asked to be in a wedding as the maid of honor. I said yes but then started panicking because I didn’t realize there were so many responsibilities. It was time for the first dance and I was wearing high heels. I had to dance with him and it was really uncomfortable. I was much taller than him and it was not romantic at all. I was really disappointed. Then as we were dancing, his hand came off and I realized it was a fake hand and it really wasn’t the person I thought- it was his father in disguise. People started chasing him, and then I woke up.

When I went back to sleep, I was living in a travel trailer, but it was not luxurious. I was in one tiny little room and then there was someone else in the other (larger) section. I feel like it was someone abusive to me. I decided enough was enough and so I went in to clean up. There was blood in the shower along with mold so I just started cleaning everything with a hose from top to bottom, and that’s when I woke up for good.

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