Funerals, Frogs and Friends

A friend of ours had died unexpectedly and so I was going to his funeral. He is young- probably early 50’s and so the funeral was huge. I was not dressed appropriately … I was wearing jeans, but I planned to be in the very back so I went on. The funeral was so big it was in a convention center. There were apparently two funerals there (I saw signs for the other one.) I started out way in the back and then somehow got behind the stage at the front. They were taking communion and called me out so I was in front of everyone. The priest wasn’t there, so I was told to just reach in and get a communion wafer. They were the large ones and weren’t broken, so they told me to take the whole thing!  I also had to just pick up the chalice and drink wine. Our friend had been cremated so there was just a small box at the front. I had been worried it would be open casket and freak me out.

Once I took communion I decided to leave. I was in a mall section of the convention center and met the comedian Taylor Williamson from AGT. I introduced myself and about that time Marleen walked up with two other friends that were very funny. I told Taylor he had to hang out with us because he would get so much content from Marleen! I introduced them (using only Taylor’s first name, because apparently we were close like that!). Marleen and I went to get something out of the dorm room where (in my dream) we used to live together. No one else showed up so I told them we would meet them. I asked Marleen where we should meet and she said “on the steps of Frog Kroger.” At first I didn’t know where this was because no place was called Frog Kroger, but then I remembered that she thought the Kroger by my old apartment needed a name and called it that.  We had a lot of difficulty getting there , and I actually woke up before we got there or met up with the others.

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