A Strange Day at the Office

I was at work, and it was focused on technical support. I was working in a different building that was like a mall or something. I had a new boss who insisted that I take copious notes in a very specific format on every call and I draw out boxes to help troubleshoot. I had a hard time doing this, and I didn’t have a notebook to use so I was using one of the kids’ old ones and just using their blank pages. I took a break and went down to see my old teacher Charla. She had a classroom of small children and said she had a small bottle of wine hidden in her purse. She offered to split it with me if I would go and buy a seven up and mix it. I got it out and discreetly poured it into a glass. I drank my half and then went to get 7up but spilled the rest. I had some back at my desk so I went to get it. Near my desk was a big set of wooden bleachers that I was running down. I got near the bottom and the drop off was too much. I got afraid to climb back up the way I came and some guy started spinning the bleachers to collapse them. It was fast and fun and let me off at the bottom on the floor. There was a woman sitting in my office with someone else I work with (maybe Corey?) and she was related to someone at the church (like a descendent of the Johnstone’s.) She had been living at the church but I hadn’t met her yet so I introduced myself.

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