Gas and Oil

I was in my convertible, or maybe it was a rental car like mine, in a different town. I had to stop for gas. First I put oil in the car through a hole on the hood. Then I started putting gas in that same hole. I was thinking to myself, “how will I know when it’s full” and realized I was putting the gas in the wrong hole. I had a gas can in my back seat so first I emptied that into my tank and then filled up the rest as normal.

As I was filling up, I was watching a high school basketball on the parking lot, and a boy and girl were on the same team and had started doing ballroom dancing in the middle of the game! It looked neat but was strange.

I was afraid to start the car and I thought that it might catch on fire since there was gas mixed in the oil. I was about to call Michael and ask when I woke up.

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