I was with my old high school friend Jenny driving in the town I grew up in. We started on AA highway which is where she used to live, then went past Burns and to my old house. Everything had changed of course. I was describing it like it was when I was a child, even though obviously she had been there too. We pulled in the driveway of my old house (which has been torn down in real life.)  The new house was beautiful but I didn’t want to stop and talk to anyone so we turned around and kept going. I got a call from Lynette and she said she was calling from Iowa and wanted to come visit. I first said, “I didn’t know you were going to be in the US!” But then I opened my calendar and had written it down. Jenny and I looked at our schedules and confirmed days with her. By this time we had gone to Walmart and were sitting on a bench in their entry area. We had three puppies with us.  Lynette also wanted to make arrangements to see David (who she called David Baby) and Cynthia. There was a lady in front of us playing with one of the puppies on the floor and she looked just like Cynthia but it wasn’t. I called her name once and she didn’t respond. As she left she spoke to us and said her name is Tanya. I felt bad that I hadn’t talked to either of them. I kept forgetting things, even my phone number. I left to go to the bathroom and couldn’t get my iPad turned off when I came back.

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