Three Rings

I was in a bedroom (maybe a hotel room) and had to leave.  I went into a restaurant or bar area.  I don’t remember the details of what I did while I was there, but as I started to go back to my room it got interesting.  Along the street, there was a street carnival of sorts.  I passed a group of contortionist/acrobats that were women wearing skimpy Santa-inspired outfits (short red skirts with fluffy white edging.)  They were performing, and I decided that I wanted to do that.  So I started exercising right there on the street to try to get into shape.  What was amazing is that I started to immediately feel a difference.

Then I went inside, and there was another group of women and men who were performing.  The act began with a ball being dropped into a maze (the type where balls trigger different activities as they roll along a track.)  When the ball reached the end, two men would begin hand balancing.

I don’t remember if I ever made it back to my room or not before I woke up.


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