Empty Nest?

I rarely have nightmares. Last night I was asleep and I dreamed that I heard the kids in my room making plans to leave and go play Pokemon Go in the middle of the night . I could hear them but I could not open my eyes and I could not move. It was as though I was completely paralyzed but Was aware of everything around me. When I finally awoke, my heart was pounding and I was out of breath.

This one seems pretty straightforward in the interpretation.  As the kids are becoming older and gaining their independence, I am struggling to let them go.  I know they don’t like curfews and feel that they are grown (and in two years they will be getting ready to leave for college.)  It’s happening, and it’s out of my control!

Interestingly, Michael had a similar dream about being paralyzed and not being able to “wake up” that same night.


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