Being One Church

A little bit of background for this dream… a week or two ago, I had emailed our priest with a suggestion.  Every Wednesday, we have a healing service at church.  I suggested that we have some kind of diversity service one Wednesday a month in an attempt to help heal the racial, gender, sexual or other divisions that impact our community.  He hasn’t answered me at this point.

So this dream… I showed up one Wednesday night, and although there had been no “diversity” service planned, the church was half full, and it was a mixture of all races.  It was lovely.  I was sitting sideways in the front of the church, behind four black ladies that (in my dream) I knew from Toastmasters although I didn’t know them in real life.

It was a beautiful service and we had a wonderful time, and talked about how to keep the momentum going in weeks to come.

After a few weeks, I went to visit another church and was talking to the priest, who was apparently a friend of mine.  I was sitting in his office with my aunt Judy who passed away years ago.  The priest was going to put some books in a garage sale, and she was saying that she wanted the books to answer questions she had.  She was arguing, although I don’t quite remember the details.  I think she had first indicated that she wanted to buy the books, but then she said that she couldn’t afford them.  I was planing to buy them for her, but she didn’t seem to want that either.  I said that I was sure she could find a way to buy them if she really wanted them – that she could come up with a  quarter to offer to the priest.  She wouldn’t say she wanted them though, so I asked Dylan to go put them away.  She was still sitting there with several pages of questions, and I laughed and said, “At least now you know all my lists and questions run in the family!”

As we were getting ready to leave, we were walking across a basketball court.  I asked Dylan if he would go to a flea market and look for something (maybe more books?) and he refused. He said he had agreed to put the books away, but that was all.  I couldn’t blame him but was a little disappointed.

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