Family Ties

I was staying at mam-ma’s house and was struggling to make the bed neatly. I got ready to leave and was on the road, and I realized I hadn’t said goodbye to mam-ma. Later that night I went back and thought to myself that I didn’t really need to say goodbye since I was going back. Then I went to bed.  In the middle of the night I heard something. I got up and saw two chunky dolls pressed up against the outside of the front door. Fearlessly, I ran to it and flung it open. It was my cousin and his dad. He was in tears, saying his dad was in an accident and called him some bad name. I held him on the couch and rocked him until he stopped crying.  Later a movie came on that was rated R and pretty inappropriate. He tried to get into the same bed as me and I got really mad and wouldn’t let him.


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