A Card up my Sleeve

I was in the airport and going to Mam-ma’s house after Christmas. Mom and dad were with me, and I wanted to stop in the airport shop to buy a deck of cards. I had the option to stop at some kiosk and use “points” to get them but it would have cost a thousand points which was crazy. I went into one shop because I thought I saw a deck of cards but they were really greeting cards that looked like playing cards. Then I saw all of the Christmas stuff on sale. I wanted to look through all of the Christmas cards but mom and dad were waiting so I didn’t. I did see a large glass ball (like a snow globe) that had an angel on top. It was normally $14 but was marked down to 60 percent off. I bought it and went back out in the airport. Then we got to an area that included an office for me but it wasn’t set up. I didn’t know my phone number, so someone came and I set my password and extension number.


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