Hey Mr. DJ

I was living in a house similar to mam-ma’s old house. In the living room, there was a man (my roommate?) who was a radio dj. (He was working from home.) I had asked him to play some songs but he only accepted requests online. I was listening to music on my computer, and I kept trying to click the chat button on a scrolling bar across the top. It was black with green writing like an old computer prompt. I kept missing the chat button. About that time, it was time for dinner. Someone else was going through the fridge and pulling out the stuff that was still good to eat. I went into the living room and the coffee table was covered with garbage. I filled a garbage bag up so full it split. I started yelling at Alex and Dylan about how much food they wasted because it looked like the whole bag was food. I made them hold it to see how heavy it was. Then it split and I realized there were hanging clothes in it. No one would admit to throwing away clean clothes though. There was a green top and a black jacket and the dj came in and was infatuated with the green shirt. The girl it belonged to had a crush on him and so I was trying to get her to put on that shirt.

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