Urban Oasis

I had moved into a new apartment and was getting set up and unpacked. My next door neighbor was my coworker Dan. He asked me to come over so he could show me something and I went out on his balcony and it was beautiful!! The had draped colorful scarves at the entrance and then made a canopy of white scarves that formed a tent-like top. There were trees and plants on the balcony and it was a cool and beautiful oasis. I absolutely loved it. He had also hung up a strand of white Christmas lights. I continued to set up inside but felt like everything was cluttered and so was trying to simplify. One morning I had taken some friends out to show them his balcony and he came out. I felt guilty for going there unannounced but he was very nice and invited us all to eat breakfast. There were several children at his house and they were all eating and opening gifts.

I also had several boxes of Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree I was trying to decide where they should go. I put them in a spare room that I planned to use for storage until I decided.


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