Gone Little Boy

I dreamed that we were all living in a new house. The only room I saw was Dylan’s room, and t was similar to his room now, just smaller. We were talking and he used his mind to throw a pillow across the room, and I thought to myself how powerful he was. I was very proud of him. I was thinking back, and at one point the house had been haunted- two little boys had died here, but their ghosts had moved on.


Once again, the interpretation seems very easy in the light of day. Last night, two thing happened with Dylan. It was the first night that Dylan wore his Color Guard uniform in front of anyone and the first time he performed in front of a good sized group of people. At dinner we talked about how he was breaking down barriers (first boy to be on the GHS color guard) to do this and that we were proud of him. Then that night he took Mary Parker to Barnes and Noble for a midnight release and it started storming terribly. Of course he made it home safely but both Paulynn and I were worried about them being out in the storm. In a very real way, the little boy died and the young man who replaced him is more powerful than even he realizes. ❤️

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