Time Passing for the Apple of my Eye

I was staying in a dorm room with a group of people. I was sleeping in a big king bed with two other people and there was another room with two queen beds in it. It wasn’t my dorm room, but I was staying and helping keep it clean. I started doing laundry and had three loads of laundry to do. I had started the first two and the third was in the washer. A neighbor came out and wanted to use it and I told him I was done. I put my last load (towels) in the dryer. Then I went to take out the trash but had a hard time finding the correct trash chute. There were a bunch of different ones (some were recycling, but others were for disposing is really obscure things.)

On my way back in, the parents of the guy whose dorm room it was came to visit. I remember wondering if I needed to go stay with Mam-ma so they had somewhere to sleep but then I realized they wouldn’t sleep in a bed with other people so it didn’t really matter.

The father was from India and I had gotten him a gift. It was a wooden watch. When you pushed a button on the top, the front twisted off and popped up and a wooden apple popped out. The first time it fell and landed on the floor but then the father did it again and caught it when it popped out. He was delighted with the gift.

They wanted to go to dinner but the laundry was still in. I went to check the last one and a couple of towels were still wet. I debated about asking the neighbor to take them to the door when they were done but I thought someone would steal them so instead I just took them inside still damp.

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