The Annual Poker Event

This dream began as a a school dream but changed. I was in a car with some other people and they had taken me to school that day. I was a little concerned about how I would get home but I didn’t want to bother mom to do it and I figured that I could find a ride with someone. This was my old elementary school (at least on the outside.) They were carrying a huge table inside and someone asked what it was, and I realized it was a poker table and one day every year the 9-12 grade played poker but it was based on sports trivia. Come to find out, it was in honor of some gaming commissioner coming into town. 

We went inside and I was worried because I hadn’t eaten breakfast and didn’t have money to buy a diet coke out of the machine. But then I saw Subway and remembered we now has a subway in the school. I got in line and ordered a sandwich but she was making two at a time and I didn’t realize it. I made her not put onions on either one and the girl who the other one was actually for was very disappointed. The sandwich had bacon and chicken on it (and the chicken looked like dog treats.) I also got a large Diet Coke. Then I had to go to a different part of the line to pick it up and I ordered another Diet Coke because i forgot I already had one. She didn’t fill it very full though, so I was disappointed and had to do it myself. Then I went to sit down at the poker table in the lunchroom but we realized we were in the wrong location. We all got on a trolley to move to our segment. That’s when it turned into a church dream. We got off the trolley at a church and were trying to find where Chapel of the Cross was sitting but we kept getting lost. Then Mam-ma and Tyrone got off the bus. I was so excited to see them! Tyrone had shaved and lost a lot of weight and he looked better than I’ve ever seen him before. I was trying to decide if I should sit at the main table with everyone else or give those seats to the people who will be better at answering the trivia. I had also decorated a cake with trash talking based on joking with Will last year, but I had included a bad word so someone changed it.

Then out of nowhere I thought I heard Alex say, “It hurts so bad” and it jolted me awake. But Alex was sound asleep upstairs when I checked.


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