I dreamed that I was working for Taco Bell and I was sent into their corporate offices to do a site inspection. They weren’t doing any coaching and so I built them coaching forms and was trying to help them. There were great offices and classrooms. They had deals where you could adjust every piece of them and put your arms and legs wherever was comfortable. Everyone was super friendly and was trying to use them. They were trying to apply the concept of abandoned calls to the drive through but I tried to explain it didn’t work that way. Then I went into a training led by Karen. Everyone was really engaged and actively participating in the class- we were leaning left and right, and every time a guy behind her raised his hand we raised out hand. We took a break from the training and we got on a small jet and were flying. I was up wandering around talking to people and someone asked if I had thought about opening my own business and I was saying that no, I wasn’t afraid of changing industries because as long as you have a good product, good marketing/sales and good customer support, the rest would fall into place. About that time the plane got really turbulent. We were all trying to get back to our seats. As I put on my seatbelt the plane flipped and i realized were going to crash. We landed in a field and I thought we were going to run into a tree. We stopped just short but I was trying to brace for impact. I tried to protect my head and one leg hoping I could crawl out. Everyone was ok but we were trying to get off the plane before it caught on fire and I was trying to call Michael. My phone had upgrades while it was off and I couldn’t figure out how to do it and I accidentally did a group call with Michael and Monica. She answered and I said I was sorry I wasn’t trying to call her and she said, “well why did I answer then?” I was so frustrated and in shock I think I said that my plane crashed but I was ok and trying to call Michael. Then I woke up.

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