For further review…

I dreamed that I had access to another world. I’m not sure if it was an alternate universe or an elite subculture…. it existed  in huge mall-like structures. It involves highly dangerous acts of climbing, swinging, jumping, etc at great heights. I was there with Brent and the power went out. I was sitting on a bench and had a giant screen I was carrying (like an iPad only huge). When I pointed the screen out in the dark, I saw white shadows of animals around me. I was an indoor storm with much darkness, thunder, etc. Someone came over and said that my friend was still here- they pointed and he was having sex with another man just out in the open. When they finished everyone clapped. He went in a room and took a shower and when he came back out, the power came back on. He was at a higher level in this alternate environment than I was but he was planning to take me on a more dangerous course the next time. As we left, I saw a big store-like entry that looked like a Bass Pro but with no merchandise. The sign just said “Outdoors”. We also stopped at a candy store on the way out and looked at candy we used to eat, but we didn’t get any.

When I left, I went to Chris and Stephanie Scott’s new home in Ridgeland. It was a condo, and in my dream they had torn down a high rise and built condos in lower buildings with around 8 floors each. When you entered the building you drove into a garage. There were three large escalators in the center- two that went up and one that went down. The down one was to the far left. Residents drove into a large escalator in the center but guests drove into one to the right that quickly took you to the fourth floor. The escalators were moving ramps that she likened to a vacuum that sucked your car to the correct level. Once we got to four, we were Walking to get to her condo. There were people everywhere- probably hundreds of people walking around. There were many different races (which is not that common here). We went around one corner and there was a naked white woman who called us to the side. She had a rather poochy belly- she wasn’t fat but she wasn’t fit either. She pointed out a vine on the wall and asked if we knew what it was. We said no, and she said it was poison oak. She was touching it and had rubbed it all over her exposed belly. As we walked away, I wondered how she was doing it without breaking out and we speculated that she would in a few minutes. Before we made it to Stephanie’s apartment, the scene changed. Michael and I were in Chattanooga at his parents’ old house. It was vacant though. As we walked up I asked if he was doing ok and he said yes. What’s strange is that Although it must have been Michael in the dream, it felt like a female presence I was with. I don’t remember faces clearly. Rather than walking in the front door, there was a door open to the left (there’s no door there irl.) In the first room, it appeared to be a sitting room or office of sorts. There were random papers strewn on the floor but there was no furniture. I kept checking in which Michael to see if he was ok- I believe this was the first time he had been back in the house since his parents had died. The next room was the living room and there was a tv that was on. It was an old time tv and was playing old music. I tried to turn it off but it  Wouldn’t turn off. This was especially odd because the electricity was turned off in the house. We were looking specifically for clues that we had missed before, but we weren’t sure what the clues were going to lead to. As the observer of the dream, I knew that these were clues to the alternate universe/subculture/etc. But my character in the dream had no knowledge consciously of this. I found his dads old laptop that I put in his laptop bag to take. Then we found some safes that Michael was ready to pass by, but I knew that my thumb print would unlock them. As I was opening the safes, I was wondering how I knew they would open that way and how my thumbprints would work. At that point I woke up.


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